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Landdocker is grateful to have you as our customer and promises to be upfront and transparent with how we use the information you entrust to us.  While we are legally required to have the full text of the policies below we thought it was more upfront and transparent to provide a more readable summary of what is entailed in these policies:

  • checkWe do not sell your personal contact information to any third parties
  • checkWhen requesting more information through the forms on our website the contact information you provide is shared only with the owner or agent of the property for sale or rent that you specifically request more information from
  • checkOur newsletter contact list is managed in MailChimp, which provides you with the ability to opt-out of our emails at any time
  • checkWe do use cookies to monitor the health of our website and to offer ads to help offset the cost of hosting and maintaining the website but allow you to update your cookie preferences at any time using the links below

While the full details of all of the policies are listed below, we do encourage you to contact us directly with any questions or concerns you may have.

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